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March 2024: "Tamsyn worked with my wife and me which we both found incredibly helpful.  She guided us through some challenging periods in our relationship, helping us to make decisions that we were struggling with. We wanted to do the best thing for each other and for our young children and her guidance in helping us understanding each other was invaluable at that time. Tamsyn also gave me 1-1 counselling, helping with some issues that I had been struggling with for years.  I had already read a lot in an effort to understand things and seen other therapists.  She helped me a lot but there were some emotions that kept returning that I wanted to really try to "evict" or at least have better control over. I had read and heard about EMDR for years and felt slight wary of it because of the big "promises" I saw on the internet about the rapid change it can bring in some circumstances and because I just didn't understand how it worked, but I eventually decided I wanted to give it a try. I live abroad and felt that it would have been better to see someone in person but, due to the trust that I had built up in Tamsyn, we decided to try some online EMDR sessions.  I can honestly say it was a remarkable experience and any nerves I had about it disappeared immediately at the start of the first session.  The treatment allowed me to rapidly move to a place where I can see my experiences and trauma from the outside, to shift perspective.  I rapidly, through the visualisations, related to the issues differently, feeling empathy, patience and love for the "child me".  I have been able to step out of the damaged child's shoes and be the one to take care of that child and to smile at him.  It has been possible to step outside of the experiences yet, through the process, reintegrate them in my identity in a loving and healthy way. It perhaps sounds complicated but it actually felt very natural and necessary and kind.   If I meet anyone in my life that expresses any desire to work things out in order to be able to move forward, I will talk to them about EMDR." (Client who worked with Dr Tamsyn Noble)

June 2023: "We were recommended, by a doctor, that we arrange for Snehal Shah to see our 19 year old son after he was diagnosed with depression. He was struggling and feeling very low but after 1 visit to see Snehal he had some hope that he was going to feel better. Snehal is a very lovely lady, really calm and gentle, very kind, intuitive and professional. She helped our son understand his condition and equipped him to manage his depression. He felt considerably better after even a couple of his sessions speaking with her. He really looked forward to his conversations with Snehal each week (either in person or online) and his mood was noticeably lifted afterwards. Snehal was able to gradually reduce how frequently they met until he felt able to manage without her! We cannot recommend Snehal enough." (Client who's son worked with Dr Snehal Shah)

January 2023: “When we first spoke with Dr Shah, our 8 year old son was struggling in a couple of ways, specifically a tendency to lose control and a lack of focus with everyday routines. Through our weekly meetings Dr Shah helped him to understand how to make better choices, and develop coping strategies to manage ‘Captain Angry’ when he appeared. She was especially good at coaxing him into the conversation, when his initial preference would have been to close up rather than ‘talk about feelings.’ Consequently he’s been able to get on top of his temper faster, and develop better habits especially around his routine, as well as increasing his resilience when everyday life winds him up. In turn we’ve seen him thrive with his schoolwork and his friendships, and to use his energy more positively. He’s even started singing, which I do not think would have happened 6 moths ago. If you’re looking to help your amazing but perhaps somewhat ‘scattered’ child take more control of their choices then Dr Shah’s support is highly recommended.” (Client who's son worked with Dr Shah)

August 2022: "When I first met Tamsyn, I was completely overwhelmed by my feelings, struggling to cope, and wondered if things would ever be ok again. But with her patience and kindness, support and skill, she has helped me to face and explore my difficulties, make sense of my reaction to them, and find invaluable coping strategies which work for me. Her input has made all the difference in the world. Now I am effectively dealing with the past, enjoying the present, and excited for the future. I feel like a piece of kintsugi – repaired and restored, but an even more beautiful version than before." (Client who worked with Dr Noble).

June 2022: "It has been a really good experience for us to find someone we both trust so much and who really 'gets' us both. Thank you so much for your patience, your persistence and for your sense of humour, as well as your amazing skills as a therapist. You've given me a lot to think about and I am very happy to say that some key phrases you used seem well-embedded in my head now and are providing me with guidance when my mind is trying to follow its old, unhelpful script". (Client who attended for couple's therapy with Dr Tamsyn Noble)

April 2022: "Claire was really easy to talk to and it was evident that she actually wanted to help and always came prepared. She was able to help me understand myself, my behaviours, my thoughts and help me piece together things I have not been able to - which is a big reason for me going". (Client who saw Dr Claire Worsley for individual therapy)

January 2021: "My journey over the last couple of month has been life-changing! I’ve learned so much about myself over the past few months, and I couldn’t have done it without the expert guidance of Tamsyn. She provides a very safe and comfortable place to explore yourself and really get to the root of your thoughts. I felt instantly at ease to open up during my first session. The resilience and coping techniques I learned over the sessions have provided me with the tools and understanding to move on to the next chapter of my life. I cannot thank Tamsyn enough for her support during this journey!" (Male, aged 23, who worked with Dr Noble)

April 2019: "From my first meeting with Tamsyn I felt immediately at ease. Tamsyn is easy to talk to, compassionate and helped me reflect whilst arming me with useful tools to help manage day to day. I feel so much better equipped to deal with life's ups and downs as a result and continue to be much kinder to myself.  Particularly appreciated the specific parenting help. I'd highly recommend Tamsyn". (Client who worked with Dr Noble)

January 2019: "I have found my sessions with Tamsyn very beneficial. In only a few meetings Tamsyn has helped me come to terms with certain emotional events in the past and move forward in a positive way so as not to affect relationships at home. Also to view situations from a different perspective. Her guidance with various techniques communicating with our teenage daughter has also been invaluable. I feel in a much more positive place now. Thank you." (Mum to 14 year old) 

May 2017: "Tamsyn has been absolutely amazing! When I was going through an extremely tough time she was the one who gave me the hope and strength to get through it and without her help I wound never have made it to the place I am today. I was able to completely open up to her and trust her with everything. The large range of techniques she has taught me have genuinely been life changing. She is always able to give me so many different solutions to my problems so that I know if one doesn't work I can always try another. I always leave knowing that things will get better. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone." (Client, aged 17) 

June 2017: "I wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for both of us; you have shown such kindness and understanding and made such an enormous difference in our lives. I will always be so grateful." (Mum to 9 year old girl who worked with Dr Noble)

December 2016: "From her very prompt response to my garbled voicemail, Dr Noble's care and approach has been second to none.  She has helped both my 9 year old daughter with her school and illness anxieties and us as a family as well.  My daughter immediately felt a strong rapport with her and looked forward to each session despite tackling difficult issues.  I would strongly recommend her". (Mother to child client)

December 2016: "I genuinely never thought I could learn techniques and by coming to see someone like you it could make such a difference. I almost don't recognise the person I was. It's such a remarkable difference to where I am now." (Client who worked with Dr Noble)

September 2016: "I am just really grateful for the opportunity to speak with you over the last few months. For the first time since my teenage years, I feel like I've found an approach that I trust, and that I think is the right perspective for me." (Client who worked with Dr Noble)

May 2015: "I went to see Dr Tamsyn Noble over a six week period. I am so happy that she was able to see me through a difficult phobia that was affecting my everyday life. She is a good listener, compassionate and got to the root of my problem. I feel I can now move forward with my life. I can't thank Tamsyn enough for her kindness and help. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs help. A great therapist. Thank you Tamsyn." (Client, aged 62)  

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